Client Testimonials

Here's what people are saying about how Clinical Massage Company helped them
  • CMC is amazing. The best massage I have ever had. Daniel was very professional, and informative. I had quite a bit of muscle soreness, and my left side of my body was depending on my right side of my body, causing my right side to be shorter than my left. By the end of the session I was straight again, a feeling I havent had in a long time. I was having severe pain in my knees due to the type of training I do, he was able to relieve me of that pain as well. I would recommend Daniel to EVERYONE! He truely is amazing!!

    Jennifer Nutter,

  • I used to get a migraine once or twice a week. After just one visit I have only had one migraine this month! Thanks CMC


  • I tried CMC for back pain associated with my c section scar and nursing my babies (the uncomfortable hunching position). Daniel was quick to find the adhesions and trigger points. After the first session I could bend and move in ways I didn't know my body was still able to move. I would recommend CMC to anyone I know. Its amazing the difference a knowledge massage therapist can make. I have tried many other places. There was one place in Lebanon, Missouri (I will not mention names) that I left feeling worse than before I came. The therapist actually triggered a migraine. One excellent difference between therapists is not just the knowledge and precision of the strokes but the warmth of the hands. I give this business 5 Stars!

    Lindsey Davis,

  • I've been to several places in Lebanon for lower back pain and CMC was the best experience, by far. Daniel asked me a few questions, quickly discovered the cause of my pain, and then cured it. His precision and knowledge blew me away. I also went to him for detox therapy and I left there feeling like I was floating. I felt like a whole new person. You have to try CMC to believe it.

    Al Ogden,

  • Incredible massage!! Felt very relaxed afterwards. Highly recommend to anyone that needs relief from pain or just wants an awesome massage!

    Angie Twenter,

  • My appointment was on time and a great experience. The massage therapy room is clean, warm , quiet and private. Daniel is patient, kind & gentle with his 'Magic Hands'. He really knows his stuff, he listens, gives you his full attention and tries to make you feel better. I was left with no sciatica pain! I even enjoyed a ginger candy on my way out. ;0) Daniel made 'ALL' my aches & pains go away! Thank you, Daniel.

    Mrs. Pamela Wehner,

  • Daniel does a great job. I was lucky enough to be one of his first clients & he has the intuition & skill of a very experienced massage therapist. I have a lot of back & neck tension & CrossFit, so I try to include massage regularly. Lebanon is lucky to have a resource like Daniel!

    Laci Hansard,

  • Have had several massage from Daniel, he relieved the pain that I was having in my knee. He is very professional. He has a very clean an comfortable massage room. I have had several massages over my 70 years he rates as one of the best. I would recommend him to anyone.

    Carolyn Carra,

  • I have had a few messages from different places in Missouri and non compare to the one I had received from Daniel. When I asked for deep tissue I got deep tissue. I have not had a better experience or a better message anywhere. Even the expensive resort could not compare. I was very surprised because the spa resorts are supposed to have the very best. I will continue to be a faithful client of Daniel. HE IS THE BEST!!

    Paula Wood,

  • CMC knows their stuff! I have visited Daniel for delayed onset muscle soreness many times. He has also effectively treated some minor training injuries that I have endured. If you are involved in any type of sports or athletic training, I would highly recommend CMC. (Cutting down on your recovery time can help you gain that competitive edge!)

    Rob Holland,