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A full set of modern treatments to prevent and correct your aches and pains

The Best Way To Correct Your Aches And Pains

The Most Modern Methods

  • Specific Area Massage

    Hand or Foot The hand or foot massage is great for clients who have early signs of arthritis. Chair Massage Let us come to you and your fellow employees! Enjoy a luxurious ten minute neck, back, arm and hand treatment.…

  • Postural Correction

    CMC’s Postural Correction is a treatment that is based on your pain, specific injury, or area of trauma. Usually clients will deal with pain until it goes away, or at least believing that the pain is gone. Just because the…

  • Swedish Massage

    If you are new to massage, do not get a massage often, or want to help relax aching muscles then Swedish Massage is for you. The main goal of this type of massage is to relax the entire body, taking…